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The Twisted Tale of THE ROAD VIKINGS….

lisa-danDan Bryant, Oakland, CA vocalist and shredding guitarist/songwriter, is the leader of the Road Vikings and a journeyman in the world of metal. Dan’s musical debut, in his typical trial-by-fire fashion, was as last-minute replacement vocalist for Jason Becker (David Lee Roth Band) and Marty Friedman’s (Megadeth) renowned band CACOPHONY, in front of hundreds of rabid, unforgiving metal fans at the legendary metal club The Stone in San Francisco. With minimal knowledge of the lyrics and no time to prepare, Dan tapped his improvisational skills and adapted on the fly, salvaging the gig from the flames and wowing the crowd. But that initial gig was only one battle in a very long war.

Dan Bryant soon was making the rounds as a vocalist in the L.A. demo recording grind, appearing as a member of thrash metal pioneers, HEXX, on the Shrapnel Records release ‘ Under The Spell ‘. Yet Dan could not find satisfaction as a hired gun, and just when he grew weary of the fight, Japanese shred sensation and old friend, Hideaki Nakama called to snatch him up for the band HELL ‘N’ BACK. They played for over 10,000 fans at the legendary Budokan Hall in Tokyo, as well as recorded some quality metal. But Dan’s desire to develop his own band led him back home to the East Bay in order to realize his vision of a biker metal band blasting down a Northern California road on a ’57 Iron Head chopper. Now it was time to find the soldiers…

The band went through a dozen drummers before snatching up the hard-hitting drum prodigy Dave Dab by pure luck. Bass player extraordinaire Lisa Tonra soon joined the fold, lending her considerable chops to The Road Vikings. Dave’s phenomenal time-keeping skills and Lisa’s bulletproof bass licks provide the solid foundations for their leader and multi – helmeted song-crafter and fretburner. Fleshing out The Road Vikings’ line-up is legendary Rhoads-esque thrasher Brian Rountree on Flying V.

But there’s more: namely, an amazing album that must not and WILL not be ignored. This full-length sophomore release by The Road Vikings, produced and expertly mixed by noted knob-twirler Tim Narducci (SPIRALARMS, SYSTEMATIC, MANMADE GOD), is the end result of this mad journey. A world-class metal recording, the CD boasts killer sound, unshakeable musicianship, mind-warping guitar solos and songwriting far above the usual metal fare. Ten songs of brotherhood, war, conquest, the fight for freedom, and the real-life hazards of being a modern-day pirate, authored by someone who has lived it.

Press Clippings

“Featuring Dan on lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, and harmonica it’s quickly apparent that his voice has only gotten better over the years and his guitar playing adds yet another important dimension to the band’s intense Euro Power Metal sound.”
Mike Varney, Shrapnel Records

“This is what US metal is all about! Like the good old days of Cirith Ungol, which brought magic to my ears, The Road Vikings do it all over again in 2015. Going well beyond the genre, this is not your typical biker band. The Road Vikings will appeal to everyone who likes outstanding guitar solos and fantastic arrangements. ‘Requiem of an Outlaw Biker’ is a killer release and a must-have album!”
Patrick de Sloover (‘Sloof’), Freelance Writer for Metal to Infinity, Belgium’s Premier Online Music Magazine

“The Road Vikings have just gone straight to the top of my list and ‘Requiem of an Outlaw Biker’ is going to be on heavy rotation in this house. I cannot stop smiling every time I play this and surely that’s got to mean something. Brilliant!”
Richard Tilley, Freelance Writer for Brutiful Metal Radio and Metal Discovery Magazine

“Deep, heavy, melodic metal orchestration… scintillating, sentimental, powerhouse, a rousing classic to split the airwaves, worthy of the silver screen!”
James McFarland, local author and CEO of Myriad LLC

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